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A Bit About What We Do


It just so happens that Stephanie’s skill extends well beyond framing.  Apart from stints as both a travel agent and a flight attendant [more on that story later…], Stephanie spent the better part of a decade working with one of the best interior designers in East Texas.  While Stephanie is not a licensed designer*, she does have quite an eye for the combination of colors, textures, and shapes that best fit your room.  From eclectic to modern, transitional to traditional if you are looking for advice or a full spread of decorating, give Stephanie an opportunity to WOW! you with her ideas.

* Interior Design is a licensed profession and requires years of specialized training.  This level of work often involves the appropriate use of space and configurations in keeping with national, state, and local codes.  If your project requires a licensed Interior Designer, we know several and are happy to make recommendations.



Back before 9/11, while Stephanie was a globetrotting flight attendant, Zack was working 90+ hours a week constructing precision automated machines and robots.  He built some of the most innovative pieces of manufacturing equipment for Dell, Siemens, Nokia, and a handful of others.  While life was great, he realized that his dream was to build his own line of furniture.  Now, that may seem like a complete diversion from the high life of robotics but it was a dream aimed at unleashing the inner creativity and attention to the aesthetic that automation just didn’t afford.

Well, skill and creativity got together and have made beautiful music together.  Stephanie’s ideas and Zack’s ability to build have lead to the dream becoming a reality.  Some of the most recent projects have included custom dining room and farmhouse kitchen tables, countertop renewals, custom mat board rack [in our showroom], and raised garden beds.


As Seen On Pinterest

Ok…let’s make no bones about it, Zack is addicted to Pinterest.  Fortunately for you that means that almost anything you see on Pinterest can be made by Zack.



What would a creative and custom frame shop be without some sort of digital presence?  When you take Stephanie’s art major and mix it with Zack’s master’s degree in technology you get some pretty cool results.  If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and professionally designed logo or complete branding suite [website, logo, business cards, letterhead, marketing material, etc.] just let us know.